Yes, I want to master color!


Master color with easy to implement strategies so that you can intentionally create a body of work you love to sell, exhibit or just enjoy!

Mastering how to use color is one of the fastest and best ways to improve your artwork, sell more and build a professional portfolio. Even if you are a beginner and want to create beautiful works, save hours learning the #1 way to improve quickly. Most artists don't realize how much their color choices affect how their artwork journey and sales. With my simple strategies you can see improvement immediately!

Discover how to use color psychology in your art. Learn to create emotion and ensure color harmony in your work to sell, show or create more art you love.

Save hours searching free web content and instead get a curated experience with focused lessons, workbooks and resources that will have you implementing color techniques within a few hours!


Here's the colorful truth

As a branding expert and an art portfolio consultant for the last 20 years, I know what separates the artists who improve their art quickly,  from artists who struggle to make progress, or get their art sold or exhibited...

The ability to use color effectively is the #1 difference I see between remarkable and unremarkable art and designs! I have worked with watercolorists, acrylic painters, oil painters, illustrators, designers, ceramicists, fiber artists, photographers and more.

You may think your color is fine but your palette might be off just a couple of shades or the colors aren't harmonious or you don't know my secret to ensuring every artwork or design works...don't miss the chance to master these important techniques to improve your art and get more sales, collectors, clients, exhibitions and satisfaction!



Imagine having the tools to create art you and your collectors love with a few changes to your color choices...


  • Created a Color Journal.
  • Identified how to know when your color palette is working.
  • Gained confidence selecting colors and creating palettes.
  • Learned the most common color mistakes and how to avoid them. 
  • Created a color story.
  • Found a simple way to use trending colors but stay to true to your voice.
  • Learned how to shade and tint with paint.
  • Conquered color theory forever!
  • Identified the method for choosing colors for collections.
  • Gained access to the workbook with all the goodies.
  • Visited the resources list of supplies and books.

Research has shown that 60-90% of a buying decision is based on color...

you must understand the following to get the results you want..

  • Color Combinations: Don't fall into a color rut but instead make wow color combinations.
  • Color Shades: Your choices may be off by just a couple of shades.
  • Color Cohesion: Your color looks off or flat and you don't know why.
  • Color Themes: Your color palettes may not support or enhance your theme/subject.


  • How to make color decisions faster.
  • How to use color theory as a tool to improve your art.

What students are saying:


"This course is amazing! I have been painting for years and have picked up SO MANY excellent tips. You have inspired me to keep creating and even step outside of my comfort zone. The workbook alone is worth it. I can refer to the lessons again and again. I can't wait to implement everything. After completing Color Mastery I feel like I have the tools to succeed."



"So glad I signed up! I've been painting for over 15 years now, and have never had such detailed background on how to mix to get clear vibrant colors. I tend to mix as I go and often, I waste a lot of mixed oil paint, and paint over parts of the painting where the color is just not working. I will definitely start making color palettes before I start painting. Thank you!" 


Comment on Facebook about Color Mastery


"A beautifully presented course filled with information on how to best build color palettes from the simple to more complex. The course inspired me to be more planful in my color choices and gave me permission to take the time on the front end to get to a better color outcome." 


"I learned how to improve my color choices for my paintings and make my work look so much better."




"Jen brings multiple areas of expertise to her coaching, and it has been wonderful working with her. She has an extensive background in art and in business, so I know that she truly understands where I am coming from as a creative entrepreneur.
I had some major pain points in my business that I had been trying to work through for months, and within minutes Jen had an accurate read on my situation and offered an overall vision for how to address them as well as actionable steps that I could take THAT DAY to move forward. She brought a fresh perspective to my art business and refreshing delivery that made me feel seen and understood. I cannot wait to work with her again." 


“Jen saw the artistic potential in me that I’ve never recognized before. After patiently going through hundreds of photos, she showed me how to create a color story with my portfolio that was most representative of my style and brand. What I love most about working with Jen though, is how she moved beyond the art portfolio and provided me inspirations and new directions in photography. I managed to present a more dynamic and artistic portfolio to my potential clients, and this couldn’t have been done without Jennifer’s help along the way.”


"At last! As a self-taught artist, this course filled a lot of holes for me. College level training."


"I learned a lot I’m already putting it into practice and I feel a big difference in my understanding of color. 20 years ago I graduated as a Graphic Designer but I had not understood color in this very practical way. I worked with it intuitively but without really knowing why some things worked and others did not. I had no methodology. Now that I am dedicating myself to illustration having this knowledge makes me very happy. Thank you so much Jen!"

Here's what you'll learn

Everything you need to achieve color mastery in short lessons to watch at your own pace with a workbook to reinforce the concepts. 

Module 1

Color Theory

We have all been exposed to some color theory but how about learning it in a fresh, fun way? See how you can use color theory in your work. Create a color journal to use as a reference. Get access to all Jen's supply lists, favorite books and color resources.

Module 2

Color Tools for Success

Learn my favorite online color tools that will give you the edge when creating palettes and stories.

Module 3

Color Psychology

We discuss color psychology:

  • Discover how to use it to create emotion in your work to make a bigger impact
  • Learn how to create a "wow" reaction with color harmony
  • Discover how to be a color collector and build a catalog of ideas! 
Module 4

Color in Art and Design Collections

Confidently create color palettes for individual works, collections, and client projects. Create a color story and see Jen's samples. Learn how to determine if a palette works. Discover how to avoid the most common color errors.

Module 5

Color Trends

Understand how to incorporate color trends into your art and designs without losing your voice. Learn how trends impact different forms of art.

 Photo Credit: PANTONE
Module 6

BONUS: Color Mixing and  Palettes Demos

  • 14 Lessons covering a variety of topics
  • Discover the color properties of acrylic, watercolor, gouache and oil.
  • Watch painting demos on creating palettes with color mixing
  • Lightening, darkening, shading and tinting colors
  • How retain the brightness and clarity of colors
  • Avoiding muddy colors & how to use muted colors
  • Discover how transparency, opacity and color ratings affect your color choices. 
  • Color Mixing workbook included. 
Module 7

BONUS: Themed Color Palettes

NEW to Color Mastery, each month get two themed color palettes in both digital template form and my watercolor interpretation. Let's these be inspiration for trying new colors in your work.



Master Color even if you are a beginner so you can feel confident in your color choices and...

  • Use color to make your work cohesive
  • Know that your color choices reflect your voice
  • Be confident that your colors don't compete or clash
  • Your work stand outs because your color choices are unique
  • Create color palettes that elevate your work
  • Choose colors to show off your brand
  • Take your work from meh to wow!


Color Mastery

for Artists and Designers 

Come experience color in a whole new way with beautiful examples to demonstrate all the concepts. 

On Demand Lessons

Welcome Module plus 40 Lessons in seven additional Modules including Closed Captions with colorful examples to show you the roadmap to color success. You can rewatch lessons as needed.

Color Mastery PDF Workbook, Color Mixing PDFs & Themed Color Palettes

This beautiful PDF workbook has exercises, graphics, planners,  and other supportive materials to make all your color dreams come true. And also download the PDF Color Mixing Workbook. Plus NEW are two themed color palettes added to your portal every month.

Resources Page

Get all my best supply and book recommendations including color resources, watercolor, gouache, acrylic, and general supplies ideas.


$197 $97


  • Immediate access to all 7 Modules
  • Easy to consume lessons you can rewatch at any time
  • Private Portal
  • Color Mastery PDF Workbook
  • Resource Vault
  • Go at your own pace
  • BONUS: Module on Color Mixing 
  • BONUS: Color Mixing PDF Workbook
  • BONUS: Themed Color Palettes for Inspiration 




$697 $597


  • 60 Minute Zoom call to review your portfolio or body of work
  • Custom color strategy 
  • Answer your art/business questions
  • Written call summary with visuals if applicable emailed to you
  • Immediate access to all 7 Modules
  • Easy to consume lessons you can rewatch at any time
  • Private Portal
  • Color Mastery PDF Workbook
  • Resource section
  • Go at your own pace
  • BONUS: Module on Color Mixing 
  • BONUS: Color Mixing PDF Workbook
  • BONUS: Themed Color Palettes for Inspiration 

Our money-back guarantee

Experience Color Mastery for 14 days, risk-free

We are so confident you will love Color Mastery that we guarantee it. If you watch the entire course and complete the workbooks and still don't feel it provided value for you, we will issue a refund. Mentorship sessions are non-refundable.

Meet your color mentor

Hi, I'm Jen

I am the owner of Jen Ray Studio where I mentor other artists and create original drawings and paintings in graphite, watercolor, gouache and acrylic.

For the last eight years I have mentored hundreds of artists to take their portfolios from blah to awww! One of the fastest and most effective tools I use with my students is color technique and psychology. 

I have a degree in fine arts, and worked in the fashion industry in marketing and surface pattern design. Soon after I started and grew a multi-million dollar corporate branding company in the Silicon Valley and worked with large high tech and Fortune 500 firms such as Apple, Microsoft and Cisco where color was instrumental in keeping their brands consistent.

As an avid traveler, I am a color enthusiast! My love of architecture, interior design and decorative arts informs my practice and teaching.



  • B.A. Fine Arts and B.A. Psychology
  • Creative Color Photography, UCLA
  • European Decorative Arts, UCLA
  • Semester aboard, Florence Italy
  • Fabric Designer for a children's apparel company
  • Owned Multimillion $ Branding company in the Silicon Valley
  • Opened Jen Ray Studio 
  • Mentored hundreds of artist to develop their portfolios

Some of my favorites:

  • Fabric stores - forget it...see you many hours later
  • Non-fiction book - Atomic Habits
  • Currently attempting a vegetable garden
  • Favorite art supply - My teeny, tiny brushes
  • Favorite Cities - Barcelona, Paris and Florence
  • Passion- mentoring artists and painting
  • Favorite electronic - my Bernina sewing machine 

This is possible for you too but much faster...

Your path to color mastery


Join Color Mastery

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Dive in and take action

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Be Color Confident

Finally feel confident to using color effectively. From this color psychology to color palettes, you'll learn everything you need to succeed. 

"I recently took Jen's color mastery course, and it was fantastic! As someone who loves colors, I found the course to be a comprehensive overview of the various aspects of color, with engaging and easy-to-follow videos. Jen's organization, explanations, and video editing skills were impeccable, and the virtual tools offered as reference materials were very helpful.

I highly recommend Jen's color mastery course to anyone interested in leveling up or even solidifying their knowledge of color use. Thank you, Jen, for sharing your expertise and passion for colors with us. I cannot wait to see what you come up with next!"
Roshni, Fine Artist

This experience is for you if...

  • You want to learn in a focused way that allows you to implement strategies immediately
  • You want to make color choices faster
  • You want to know when color choices work and what to ask yourself when creating each palette.
  • You want to understand how color psychology impacts all color decisions and how you can use it.
  • You want to make color palettes that work better than o.k. to help sell your work.
  • You want cool resources to add to your practice.
  • You want an organized way to document your color journey.
  • You want a curated experience that shows clear examples and saves you time.

This is not for you if...

  • You want to spend hours on the web finding free surface level color theory content.
  • You already crush it with color.
  • You consistently know how to combine colors for the best results.
  • Understand how to create emotion and harmony in your work.
  • Have all the color tools and resources you could want.
  • Customers are raving about your colors.

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